You can have an intimate relationship & be a loving parent; 

You CAN have BOTH!

Relationship Coach for: Single Parents, Step-Parents & Stepfamilies.








50% of all marriages in the U.S. fail.


Over 50% of U.S. families are remarried, or re-coupled, and live in a stepfamily.


66% of stepfamily relationships end up separating!



Are you a single parent looking for love?

Are you fed up of going from one bad relationship to another? Do you keep doing the same thing and expect different results? The Conscious Dating Program WILL show you how to do it differently so you get the RIGHT partner for YOU.

Do you want to have an amazing relationship with that 'someone special' you can share your life with?

Are you worried about dating again and how this may impact on you or your children?

Are you concerned about your ex-partner and starting a new relationship?

Parents need, and deserve, to be in a loving relationship too!

Maybe you need to learn to love again?

Are you in a step-parent/stepfamily relationship and you are finding this challenging?

Are you struggling with stepfamily living and the issues step-parenting brings? A stepfamily cannot, and will not, function like a traditional family.

Unfortunately, 2 out of 3 stepfamily relationships end up separating and a survey conducted by, Stepfamily Foundation, found 75% of stepfamilies complain that there are not enough resources.

At Coach 2 Connect, you will be provided resources and supported so you can effectively deal with the challenges of dating. As a parent, you will know how to successfully meet, and consciously choose your ideal partner, for you and your children.

When you have developed an intimate relationship with your chosen ideal partner, Coach 2 Connect will provide resources, so you will know how to navigate and resolve re-coupling and stepfamily issues. For example: setting boundaries and disciplining children which will reduce conflict with your partner, contact with ex-partners, visitation, and loyalty conflicts for your children etc. If you want to have a loving and intimate relationship, reduce the risk of having a re-divorce/re-separation, and have a supportive, happy and connected stepfamily, contact me today to book a no obligation strategy session.

Together, let's reduce the re-divorce/re-separating statistic and get this right so you and your children can have a loving, supportive and secure family. You can have an intimate relationship & be a loving parent - you CAN have BOTH!

Dating Traps

October 12, 2016

A “dating trap” is an unconscious relationship choice that ends up in an unsolvable problem in a relationship. Getting out of the trap often means leaving the relationship. When you’re single, by practicing Conscious Dating you can do a lot more than you realise to avoid these traps and prepare for a lasting and successful Read More …

Change Your Energy, Change your Relationships

August 20, 2016

At the School of the Modern Mystic (SoMM), Belinda Davidson, says that for people to have more joy, happiness, balance, meaningful relationships, and purpose in their life, all they need to do is change their energy. By working on your energy system, focusing on your chakras and using the White Light, and practicing mindfulness, you Read More …

Fear of Commitment

August 5, 2016

What does commitment mean to you? Do you have a fear of commitment? How do you show commitment in your relationships? Are you fearful of commitment and don’t let anyone in emotionally? Commitment is shown on two different ways: In ‘fact’, through an action such as marriage, and In ‘belief and attitude’, for example, staying Read More …

Authenticity and Vulnerability in a Relationship

July 2, 2016

Authenticity and Vulnerability Increases Intimacy in a Relationship. Intimacy in a relationship involves two people and it can be on a physical and emotional level. On a physical level, sex can increase the connection and intimacy between you and your partner, however, emotional intimacy with your partner increases the likelihood of your relationship lasting long-term. Read More …

Attract Healthy Love

June 16, 2016

How many times have you, or someone you know, said “s/he’s the one!” only to realise several months later that s/he was NOT? The honeymoon period can last anywhere between a few weeks, and in some cases up to 2 years! During this time, you have the ability to ‘ignore’ the warning signs and the Read More …

10 Things YOU can do to Find Your Ideal Partner

June 4, 2016

This blog will suggest 10 things you can do right now so you can attract and find your ideal partner…are you ready? 1. Start by losing the losers – If you want to find your ideal partner, you must be available and not involved with people who aren’t right for you.   2. Now you’re available… Read More …

9 Dirty Secrets of Happiness

May 24, 2016

We all want to be happy, but we all don’t know how.  The problem of wanting and needing to be happy has become worse by the messages we get from movies, television and media that encourage a ‘consumer-oriented’ and ‘immediate gratification’ society. We seem to feel entitled to be able to buy and get what Read More …

Needs in Relationships

May 11, 2016

While Requirements are non-negotiable, and can be either met or unmet, Needs in relationships can be negotiated, with many possible alternatives and ways to meet them.   A Need is easily identified when unmet, because an “Issue” will be experienced. An “Issue” is an unmet need. If a need is unmet, the issue will persist! Read More …

Relationship Requirements

May 3, 2016

We all have non-negotiable relationship requirements that must be met in order for a relationship to work. It is beneficial to know your Requirements before you get into a relationship. The basic criteria necessary to fulfil your Vision for your life and relationship are your “Requirements.” The test for a Requirement is that the relationship will not Read More …

How to be True Partners for Life – Vision

April 27, 2016

  What does a fulfilling life partnership look like? How does it work? What makes it successful? Few of us can clearly answer these questions. Most of us want a fulfilling life partnership and have little idea of how to create one. Even couples in successful long-term relationships have little insight into ‘why’ they are Read More …


What is the emotional and financial cost to you and your children when you separate from, or divorce, your partner? At Coach 2 Connect, you will be supported to discover solutions and provided tools to resolve issues that are impacting on your life and relationships. You will be equiped to manage challenges and significantly reduce the risk of re-divorce/re-separation. You will discover your full potential and have a fulfilling and intimate relationship whilst being a loving parent; you can have both. You are not considered 'broken' and Relationship Coaching is 'not therapy'. You deserve to have an intimate relationship! What are you waiting for? 



You will know how to date as a single parent so you will become the chooser of your amazing relationship.You will get your choice of partner right, so you and your children can have a loving and secure family. You can have an amazing and intimate relationship with your partner and be a loving parent whilst adjusting to stepfamily living - you can have both! You will be given tools and strategies to manage conflict and challenges stepfamilies bring, learn ways to deal with ex-partners maintaining contact with children, set boundaries and manage sibling rivalry and MUCH/MUCH more, whilst keeping the spark and love alive in your relationship! You can have an intimate relationship & be a loving parent - You can have Both!


Sessions can take place individually, together, or a combination of the two approaches, locally or Worldwide via face-to-face, Skype, Conference Line, FaceTime, or telephone. 



"Thank you so much Sharon for the time you have spent coaching me - I have found our sessions to be absolutely invaluable in assisting me to identify where my priorities lie and my true feelings about certain aspects of my life. I have gained from our sessions an awareness of my fear of commitment and decision-making, which was impacting my life in such a big way, and a better perspective on what I truly value. I now feel empowered with confidence to face my fears, make some plans and move forward with my life! You have helped me to see the value in my relationship and improve my communication with my partner - our relationship couldn't be better now and I can't thank you enough. Your friendship, humour and non-judgemental approach to every session put me at ease, especially when discussing difficult topics, and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you. I will be highly recommending you!" Jess, UK.
"Coaching with Sharon felt easy and natural. Her positive manner, combined with her genuine and grounded approach, was reassuring and allowed me to share and reflect with ease. Sharon's coaching style provided me with the needed balance between challenge and support. This encouraged my self discovery and empowered me to make the changes necessary to positively impact my life." Tara, NZ.
“Sharon has helped me to uncover different ways to connect with my husband to get the most out of our relationship. Her guidance and support has kept me on track to focus on the important things in life, and to achieve a more rewarding family/life balance.” Tracy, NZ.
"As a mature, full-time student, with an involvement in establishing a small business, Sharon’s coaching has greatly helped me clarify my thinking and actions across a range of situations, and develop my own solutions.  Sharon’s natural energy and enthusiasm, together with her strong belief in the benefits of coaching, provides her with a solid platform for helping people who are facing a range of personal and workplace situations. Sharon’s coaching style is supportive and direct.  Her extensive life and work experience informs her coaching practice in a very practical manner.  I have found Sharon’s coaching sessions to be both grounded in reality and yet at the same time providing positive encouragement and support to move me into areas I might not otherwise have been happy to tackle." Gary, NZ.
“I came to Sharon with a block that I thought I had overcome. I consider myself a tough and evolved woman, spiritually and business wise, but when a highly volatile situation came up for me, I started to have panic attacks about an overdue decision I needed to make. Sharon asked questions and got to the heart of what was blocking me from moving forward; I found my truth and clarity. I was really confused about what my truth was and Sharon helped me to figure myself out and why I wanted to pass out every time I had to make this very hard decision. Since working with Sharon on my blocks that were preventing me from enjoying life, and taking steps that were needed, I now have a lightness and clarity about my decisions and my previous long-term relationship, which was causing me guilt, is finally ‘a thing of the past’.  Sharon doesn’t just coach…she understands what is going on with your soul. Not many relationship coaches have this instinct. Sharon is the best and I feel I have also made a life-long friend who GENUINELY cares. To have Sharon come into your life is a special experience.” Ann Munroe, Canada (Owner of Manifest Marketing & mother of 2 young sons).