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9 Dirty Secrets of Happiness

We all want to be happy, but we all don’t know how.  The problem of wanting and needing to be happy has become worse by the messages we get from movies, television and media that encourage a ‘consumer-oriented’ and ‘immediate gratification’ society. We seem to feel entitled to be able to buy and get what […]

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Needs in Relationships

While Requirements are non-negotiable, and can be either met or unmet, Needs in relationships can be negotiated, with many possible alternatives and ways to meet them.   A Need is easily identified when unmet, because an “Issue” will be experienced. An “Issue” is an unmet need. If a need is unmet, the issue will persist! […]

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Relationship Requirements

We all have non-negotiable relationship requirements that must be met in order for a relationship to work. It is beneficial to know your Requirements before you get into a relationship. The basic criteria necessary to fulfil your Vision for your life and relationship are your “Requirements.” The test for a Requirement is that the relationship will not […]

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