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Just Do It

In 1988, the slogan, “Just Do It” considerably increased sales, and apparently saved Nike from going broke, when they introduced it to their advertising campaign. The origin of the slogan was born as a result of a killer, Gary Gilmore, sentenced to death for murder; he had reportedly said “let’s do this” when he faced […]

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Change Your Energy, Change Your Relationships

Sounds simple right? All you need to do is change your energy, change your relationships. Well, it is, you only need to work on your chakras. What does working on your chakras mean? Spend time focusing on them. Where attention goes (you focusing on your chakras), energy flows (you are moving your energy, which removes […]

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3 Tools to Stop Seeking Approval

Are you fed up of living in someone else’s shadow, for example, a partner, sibling or parent etc.? This post will share with you 3 tools to stop seeking approval from others by building your self-esteem and sense of self. From an early age, we have learned to change our behavior to ‘seek the approval’ […]

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