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Change Your Energy, Change Your Relationships

Sounds simple right? All you need to do is change your energy, change your relationships. Well, it is, you only need to work on your chakras.

What does working on your chakras mean?

Spend time focusing on Them. Where attention goes (you focus...


What is Your Communication Style?

Why is it important to know when it comes to relationships?

This post will help you to change your energy so you can quickly resolve conflict within your relationships.

As individuals, we use our senses when we interact with others...

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Attract Healthy Love

How many times have you (or someone you know) said, "S/he's the one!" only to realize several months later, s/he was NOT?

The honeymoon period can last anywhere between a few weeks, and in some cases up to 2 years! During this time, you have the ability to "ignore"... 

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11 Tips To Have An Authentic Relationship

Do you long for a loving and authentic relationship with an intimate partner? Who does not want that?!?! Do you wonder why others appear to be in a loving and intimate relationship but not you? The truth of the matter is if you keep finding yourself in a relationship that is NOT true and authentic...

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What Stage is Your Relationship In?

Why does it matter? Why do you need to know?

The "rose-tinted glasses" stage, or "honeymoon period", is when your partner (the person you're seeing/dating) can do no wrong. You tend to ignore all the differences between you and your partner and you just focus on...

Reduce Stress Increase Positive Relationships

Decrease stress increase positive relationships by taking charge of how you breath.

How does taking charge of how you breathe increase positive relationships?

When you're under stress, or you've been triggered by your partner, friend, family member or colleague, it is counter productive to your relationships...

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3 Tools to Stop Seeking Approval

Are you fed up of living in someone else's shadow, for example, a partner, sibling or parent etc.? 

From an early age, we have learned to change our behavior to 'seek the approval' from others. For example, as a child, you may have experienced positive attention from your teacher when you had good grades at school...


Vulnerability Increases Intimacy In a Relationship

On a physical level, sex can increase the connection and intimacy between you and your partner, however, emotional intimacy with your partner increases the likelihood of your relationship lasting long-term.

On an emotional level, intimacy can be interpreted as, “Into Me I See.” When your partner connects with you in a deep and meaningful way, you are allowing...

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