You can have productive, balanced, and harmonious relationships at work!

  •   Do you find yourself consistently caught up in gossip or power struggles at work, and you're not sure why?
  •   Do you often have contentious relationships with your colleagues?
  •   Do you tend to get bossed around (regardless of your position in the organization)?
  •   Do others find you difficult to work with?
  •   Do you have trouble standing up for yourself or your ideas, especially when there's friction or you get push-back?

As with romantic, friend, and family relationships, your relationships at work are heavily influenced by your power archetype. That's why we often find ourselves in similar situations with different people—we tend to resort to the same patterns of behaviors when we feel that we are losing power in a situation. (And your colleagues do the same.)

When you discover your dominant power archetype, you can take the first step towards using your patterns and experiences in a positive way, to create more balanced and fulfilling relationships with your co-workers.

What is your dominant power archetype?

Are you The Heroine? The Damsel in Distress? The Boss? The Ice Queen? Or are you The Needy Nag?

Are you The Knight? The Victim? The Sergeant Major? The Tin Man? Or are you The Clingy Guy?


To find out, take the quiz, which takes approximately 3 minutes to complete

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