How deep those moments are depends on the quality of your relationships.

  •   Are you struggling to balance your role as a parent with your needs as an individual or as a spouse/partner?
  •   Are you going through a divorce or separation and are concerned about the impact it might be having on your relationship with your children?
  •   Has your everyday life working and bringing up children put a damper on your intimate relationship and you want to find that spark again?
  •   Are you a step-parent and struggling emotionally and practically with your partner's children?
  •   Are you having trouble connecting with your children and understanding their behavior, or are you worried about raising "good kids" in a challenging world?

I've been there.

As a divorced mom of four, I understand the complexities of raising kids and trying to balance it all with your own needs and with your other relationships.

In fact, my experience as a parent, coupled with more than 20 years as a social worker helping families in all kinds of situations, was a major force behind my work to identify the power archetypes we default to in our relationships.

Understanding power archetypes has helped me (lovingly) call out my children's behavior to foster their awareness of when they try to manipulate power through their power patterns; for instance, when they slip into blame or control. It's also helped me understand myself, my triggers and patterns, and how I can use my primary power archetype to help me be a better mom.

You can have a happy, well-adjusted family!

Learning your primary power archetype, along with those of your partner and/or children, will not only help you become a better parent, it will help you raise self-aware, emotionally intelligent children.

Additionally, in our work together, I can help you:

Increase intimacy and romance with your spouse/partner.

Identify your unique parenting skills.

Master the teenage years.

Define family roles.

Establish healthy boundaries.

Resolve conflict and improve communication.

Support teens and children to manage emotions in a healthy way.

Successfully navigate step-family living.

Develop family rituals to support group cohesiveness.

And more.

Contact me to discuss the issues you and your family are facing.

Here's what some of the people who've worked with me are saying...


I came to Sharon with a block that I thought I had overcome. I consider myself a tough and evolved woman, spiritually and business wise, but when a highly volatile situation came up for me, I started to have panic attacks about an overdue decision I needed to make. 

Sharon asked questions and got to the heart of what was blocking me from moving forward; I found my truth and clarity.

I was really confused about what my truth was and Sharon helped me to figure myself out and why I wanted to pass out every time I had to make this very hard decision. 

Since working with Sharon on my blocks that were preventing me from enjoying life, and taking steps that were needed, I now have a lightness and clarity about my decisions and my previous long-term relationship, which was causing me guilt, is finally ‘a thing of the past’.

Sharon doesn’t just coach…

she understands what is going on with your soul. Not many relationship coaches have this instinct. Sharon is the best and I feel I have also made a life-long friend who GENUINELY cares. To have Sharon come into your life is a special experience.”

Ann Munroe 

Owner of Manifest Marketing and mother of two young sons - Canada

"Coaching with Sharon felt easy and natural. Her positive manner, combined with her genuine and grounded approach, was reassuring and allowed me to share and reflect with ease.

Sharon’s coaching style provided me with the needed balance between challenge and support.

This encouraged my self discovery and empowered me to make the changes necessary to positively impact my life.”


New Zealand


Sharon is one of the best relationship expert that i've ever met, with huge knowledge and open heart. Our coaching always moved me forward to my goals and each Skype call left me with the feeling that i just had one of the most important conversation. Thank you for all your support."

Ania Osiecka  

I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with Sharon. Prior to contacting Sharon my relationship with my partner on 27 years was not nice. I was unhappy and so was he. We were both treating each other in a disrespectful manner, I thought we may have to end it, but I didn't want to and knew that we were capable of treating each other kindly.
However by committing to Sharon's coaching course she was able to guide us and ask the questions that rekindled what we had. My only regret was that we should of done this course years ago. So many of us invest in everything else, possessions etc but we don't invest in our well being. For me happiness is built from firstly the relationship I have with myself and secondly the relationships I have with others, especially my partner. Sharon's coaching course is something that you would never regret doing. 

If you are struggling with the relationship you have with yourself, husband, partner, child or friend this course will be life changing. If you want to wake up every day feeling the best you possibly can then I strongly recommend you contact Sharon and have a chat. Invest in your well being, it will be the best money you have ever spent. Sharon was totally invested in helping us work out the best scenario for us going forward. Sharon is extremely professional in her approach and also very passionate about what she does. She goes over and above . Thank you Sharon, forever grateful."

Amanda and Paul
New Zealand


"Thank you so much Sharon for the time you have spent coaching me – I have found our sessions to be Moderately invaluable in assisting me to identify where my priorities lie and my true feelings about certain aspects of my life. I have gained from our sessions an awareness of my fear of commitment and decision-making, which was impacting my life in such a big way, and a better perspective on what I truly value.

I now feel empowered with confidence to face my fears, make some plans and move forward with my life! You have helped me to see the value in my relationship and improve my communication with my partner – our relationship couldn’t be better now and I can’t thank you enough.

Your friendship, humour and non-judgemental approach to every session put me at ease, especially when discussing difficult topics, and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you. I will be highly recommending you!”


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