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"Understand and know your power pattern in relationships?"

This quiz can help you!

Discover your dominant power archetype

It will take approximately 3 minutes to do the quiz.

If you agree with the statement click, "Yes."

If you disagree with the statement click, "No."

This quiz is intended for information and entertainment purposes only. It is not a substitute for professional diagnosis or for the treatment of any health condition.

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In your personalized report, you will get some great information about your results...

  • Know and understand your power archetype and how it effects you in your relationships
  • Understand what "types" you're attracted to
  • See the power patterns at play in your relationships
  • How to stop conflict
  • Understand the qualities of your power archetype so you can use this to your advantage
  • Steps to support you to have the relationship you want!
  • Discover why you experience conflict in your relationships and why you compete for power

Are you The Heroine? The Damsel in Distress? The Boss? The Ice Queen? Or are you The Needy Nag?

Are you The Knight in Shining Armor? The Victim? The Sergeant Major? The Tin Man? Or are you The Clingy Guy?

As with all of us, there are unconscious patterns, stories, myths, and programs at work in your life.

There are things you believe about yourself and others that are (mostly) the result of early programming and experiences, and these beliefs shape your behavior and how you function in your relationships.

There are five female and five male power archetypes. Please note that these distinctions are not based on anatomy so much as energy.

Each power archetype has both "male" and "female" energies (you could think of them also as yin and yang energies) in differing degrees.

Most people with a female gender identity tend to identify more strongly with a particular female power archetype. The same is true for those who identify as male with a male power archetype.

People with a neutral or multiple gender identity may find themselves reflected in any of the archetypes.

But there are no rigid rules.

Take this quiz to discover and learn about your dominant power archetype.

If you're in a relationship, why not get your partner to take the quiz too and reveal their dominant power archetype? You will gain a deeper understanding of the dynamics in your relationship!

When you know your dominant power archetype, you can improve the quality of your relationships!

If you're single and dating, this quiz can give you insights into the relationship compatibility of the people you're dating.

Receive your FREE Report to download and read in your own time!

Take the quiz and discover your dominant power archetype.

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