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Do You Want to Realize and Live Your Full Potential?

Do you want to have a loving relationship with yourself and realize your full potential now, or wait for that ‘one day’, which never arrives? Maybe, but most likely not.

Experience the Conscious Living Program by creating your successful single life & start living it today! You will develop a loving relationship with the most important person in your life, your soulmate; YOU!

Have you recently been in a consuming relationship, or with an abusive partner, and 'YOU' "got lost?" You will be supported to reconnect and rediscover yourself and who YOU are!

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"Your Beliefs become your Thoughts. Your Thoughts become your Words. Your Words become Actions. Your Actions become your Habits. Your Habits become your Values. Your Values become your Destiny."

- Mahatma Gandhi

Be a Successful Single

Do you talk negatively to yourself and say things like: "I'm not good enough?" Is low self-acceptance and fear stopping you from living the life you want and deserve? You've heard of the Law of Attraction, well, you 'get what you think' and 'misery loves company.' If you think you're not worthy, you will attract people and situations into your life that will confirm that you're not worthy!

Low self-acceptance, self-compassion, fear, and self-doubt, can prevent you from having the life you want and deserve. You may try to avoid your feelings, which you can achieve temporarily, by 'numbing.' You might have behaviors such as moving from one relationship to another, going shopping, drinking too much alcohol, and eating too much etc., to avoid feeling. These addictive and self-sabotaging behaviors will further confirm to you that you are not worthy and the cycle continues over and over.

Maybe you are putting your life 'on hold' and waiting for the 'right time' to realize your goals. Many people say, 'one day when I have more money/more qualified/ fitter...I will..." Do you want to love the life you live and realize your full potential now, or, wait for that 'one day,' which never arrives?

Success is NOT about status, money, houses, flash cars, job, or title. Success IS about having a sense of joy and purpose in life. Having deep and meaningful relationships, being 'true' and 'authentic' to yourself and others, and living your life with purpose that is in line with your values.

You will develop a loving relationship with the most important person in your life, your soulmate; YOU!

Successful Singles Program

The Successful Singles Program will change your life and should be made available to every person!

The program consists of TWELVE one hour sessions, and expect at least 90 minutes of homework per week, which will include exercises and reading material. I do things a bit differently, I do it to meet YOUR needs. Additional sessions may therefore be added to make sure you get the most out of the Successful Singles Program and you make life-long changes.

You WILL be challenged to step up and out of your 'comfort zone' and you will be provided tools, techniques and support so you learn to love the life you live, reclaim your own power, be successful, and reach new heights.

You do not need to be single to experience the benefits from this program!

The Successful Singles Progam will support you to...

Exceed your own expectations and reach new heights that you didn't even know existed within you!

Know exactly what you want in life and move you towards living your life's purpose; you will know what you want and need to be happy, and how to get it!

Look at life differently. You will live your life in line with your values. You will be able to be assertive and put in firm boundaries. You will be a successful single (or a successful person in a relationship)!

Be empowered to consciously choose YOUR direction. You will discover the difference between reading 'self-help' books and actually doing the work with the support of a coach.

Be aware of, and change, your sabotaging habits and beliefs. You will be living your life that supports your goals. You will develop self-compassion and self-acceptance.

Understand your feelings and what they mean to you. You will increase joy and happiness in your life! You develop a loving relationship with you, the most important person in your life!

...and much, much more!


You will connect with your, mind, body and soul to discover what you really want to achieve in life and what makes you feel fulfilled! 


You will put achievable, realistic, measurable and time-framed plans in place so you can start moving towards your goals and reach your potential!


You achieve your goals! You may consider doing the Conscious Dating Program if you're single and want to start dating!

Who Am I?

Hi, I'm Sharon Craig, a former social worker & now practice as a qualified Professional Dating & Relationship Coach with over 20 years' experience working with people and their relationships. I love supporting people to develop skills so they create authentic, intimate, and loving relationships!

Sharon Craig

What others are saying... 

successful single relationship coaching testimonial

Ania Osiecka


"Our coaching always moved me forward."

"Sharon is one of the best relationship expert that i've ever met, with huge knowledge and open heart. Our coaching always moved me forward to my goals and each skype call left me with the feeling that i just had one of the most important conversation. Thank you for all your support. Ania."

relationship coaching testimonial

Ann Munroe


"Sharon doesn't just coach...she understands what is going on with your soul."

"I came to Sharon with a block that I thought I had overcome. I consider myself a tough and evolved woman, spiritually and business wise, but when a highly volatile situation came up for me, I started to have panic attacks about an overdue decision I needed to make. Sharon asked questions and got to the heart of what was blocking me from moving forward; I found my truth and clarity.

I was really confused about what my truth was and Sharon helped me to figure myself out and why I wanted to pass out every time I had to make this very hard decision. Since working with Sharon on my blocks that were preventing me from enjoying life, and taking steps that were needed, I now have a lightness and clarity about my decisions and my previous long-term relationship, which was causing me guilt, is finally ‘a thing of the past’.

Sharon doesn’t just coach…she understands what is going on with your soul. Not many relationship coaches have this instinct. Sharon is the best and I feel I have also made a life-long friend who GENUINELY cares. To have Sharon come into your life is a special experience.”

Owner of Manifest Marketing & mother of 2 young sons



"You have helped me to see the value in my relationship and improve my communication with my partner."

"Thank you so much Sharon for the time you have spent coaching me – I have found our sessions to be Moderately invaluable in assisting me to identify where my priorities lie and my true feelings about certain aspects of my life. I have gained from our sessions an awareness of my fear of commitment and decision-making, which was impacting my life in such a big way, and a better perspective on what I truly value.

I now feel empowered with confidence to face my fears, make some plans and move forward with my life! You have helped me to see the value in my relationship and improve my communication with my partner – our relationship couldn’t be better now and I can’t thank you enough. Your friendship, humour and non-judgmental approach to every session put me at ease, especially when discussing difficult topics, and I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with you. I will be highly recommending you!”


New Zealand

"Sharon's coaching has greatly helped me clarify my thinking and actions across a range of situations, and develop my own solutions."

"As a mature, full-time student, with an involvement in establishing a small business, Sharon’s coaching has greatly helped me clarify my thinking and actions across a range of situations, and develop my own solutions. Sharon’s natural energy and enthusiasm, together with her strong belief in the benefits of coaching, provides her with a solid platform for helping people who are facing a range of personal and workplace situations.

Sharon’s coaching style is supportive and direct. Her extensive life and work experience informs her coaching practice in a very practical manner. I have found Sharon’s coaching sessions to be both grounded in reality and yet at the same time providing positive encouragement and support to move me into areas I might not otherwise have been happy to tackle.”


New Zealand

"...encouraged my self discovery and empowered me to make the changes necessary to positively impact my life."

"Coaching with Sharon felt easy and natural. Her positive manner, combined with her genuine and grounded approach, was reassuring and allowed me to share and reflect with ease. Sharon’s coaching style provided me with the needed balance between challenge and support. This encouraged my self discovery and empowered me to make the changes necessary to positively impact my life.”


New Zealand

"Sharon has helped me to uncover different ways to connect with my husband to get the most out of our relationship."

"Sharon has helped me to uncover different ways to connect with my husband to get the most out of our relationship. Her guidance and support has kept me on track to focus on the important things in life, and to achieve a more rewarding family/life balance.”

Are you ready to book your FREE 30-minute Discovery Session?

In the Discovery Session you will...

Discover how you will benefit from Relationship Coaching and whether or not we are a good fit to work together.

​Why FREE you might ask and what's the catch?

There is NO catch! 

I provide a FREE session because it is REALLY important to me that we are a good fit and you have the best experience possible when you work with a coach to support you to achieve what you want in your life.

Your experience of coaching can determine the outcome of decisions and life direction.

I take that very seriously! 

Coaching people, like yourself, is an honor and a privilege!!! 

I look forward to connecting with you!

 Contact me TODAY for your FREE 30-minute Discovery Session so we can decide if coaching with me is for you! What have you got to lose?

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Money Back Guarantee

I only work with people who are 100% committed to putting in the work, which includes completing homework and fully participating in all sessions, so they can make the changes necessary to have the relationship they want.
If, for whatever reason, after 3 sessions you are not 100% satisfied and happy with your coaching sessions, and you do not get any useful insights on love and your relationship situation, I'll refund ALL of your money.
Just email [email protected] and tell me.
I will refund your money, no questions asked!


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