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What Stage is Your Relationship In?

What stage is your relationship in?

Why does it matter? 

Why do you need to know?

Keep reading because you're about to find out!


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Rose-tinted Glasses Stage

The "rose-tinted glasses" stage, or "honeymoon period", is when your partner (the person you're seeing/dating) can do no wrong. You tend to ignore all the differences between you and your partner and you just focus on the great things; similarities. You may even fantasize about your future together (getting married and having children).

Differences are generally ignored and you just want to please your partner. Issues in this stage are your loss of individuality/identity and ability to see your partner for who he or she truly is.

This stage of a relationship generally lasts between 2 months and 2 years. Life can feel great in this stage of a relationship, but it is very short lived and energy draining keeping up pretences.

Some people become addicted to this stage of a relationship and when this stage of the relationship ends, they end the relationship and move on to his or her next partner.

Power Struggle

Okay, who hasn't experienced a power struggle in their life? Knowing your primary power archetype is the first step.

One way or another, whether it's with your boss, your parents, or a friend, we have all experienced a power struggle. When it comes to romantic relationships, the power struggle is around individuals in the relationship moving on from the romance stage and identifying the need for freedom and individuality; reclaiming his or her identity.

This is a critical stage in a relationship and where a lot of relationships tend to end, which includes divorce.

Are you experiencing a partner who is pulling away from you and you don't know why? Are you finding it difficult to relate with your partner and this wasn't an issue before? Triggers from your past and previous relationships may be at play.

Learning to accept that there are differences in relationships, and this stage in a relationship is normal, will help you to realize that you are together by choice, not because you need to be.

Establishing boundaries, open and honest communication, and what is acceptable in a relationship is crucial if the relationship is going to last.


When you're in this stage of a relationship, there are clear boundaries between you and your partner and power struggles are no longer a problem. However, there can be a sense of sadness because the "fairy-tale" romance dream that was established in the rose-tinted glasses stage is no longer a reality. 

Couples may drift apart in this phase of a relationship as each person pursues his or her own interests. This is when couples may feel bored with each other, disconnected and they no longer find they have things in common.

This is the second most common stage for relationships to end in divorce, or couples seek counseling.

The advantage of this phase is that couples have a history together and they each know how the other behaves.

When couples achieve this phase in their relationship, they have established a balance between individuality, love and connection with their partner, and a sense of belonging. You both know what you want individually and collectively for the relationship. This is the stage when people are emotionally ready for marriage.

Couples may rush into this stage and even bypass previous stages all together (the romantic idea of being married overrides the issues of commitment and what it truly means to be a partnership).

Regardless of the stage of your relationship, both of you must continually invest in it if you want a happy, loving and supportive partnership.

So, as you can see, there can be difficulties in relationships, regardless of the stage, you're in.

Knowing what stage your relationship is in will give you some understanding of the issues that may impact on you and your partner, and why they are happening; this helps you plan and move through issues more quickly.

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Your turn: What stage is your relationship in?

Why not contact me to explore the impact this stage is having on your relationship? I'm looking forward to connecting.

In Joy


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