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Have the love you want,

and feel more confident, fulfilled, and secure in your relationships.

Your relationship journey starts here.

Discover your dominant behavior pattern—how you compete for power in relationships and why you experience conflict.

Gain critical insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your patterns so you can move from fear to love in all of your relationships!

have the love you want

Do you want to take your relationships to the next level? Ever considered the support of a relationship coach?

Do you wonder why some people seem to have loving, fulfilling relationships and you don't?

Do you worry that you'll never "get it right" - that you'll never figure out how to make others see you for who you are and love you for it?

Do you struggle to get close to your partner?

Relationship Coach and Dating Coach Recommended Resources

You Could Be The Perfect Couple

perfect couple romance

Knowing and understanding the power dynamics between you and your partner is the key to a successful and loving relationship. If you're tired of the same results, it's time to try something new. Don't be another statistic. Prioritize your relationship and create the intimacy and connection you desire and deserve. Check out my relationship coaching program by clicking the link below.

Conscious Dating

man and woman on date with flowers

Set yourself up for success! Try conscious dating so you don't end up in yet another lousy relationship. You will be clear about who you are, what you want, and how to get it in a relationship. You will be the chooser of your next relationship and attract your ideal partner! Check out my relationship coaching program by clicking the link below. Why not sign up for my free 5-day online course? 

Successful Single

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Live your full potential! You will have a more positive and loving relationship with yourself. If you have recently been in a consuming relationship, or with an abusive partner, and you "got lost," this will support you to discover who you are. Great relationships with others start with a great relationship with yourself. Check out my relationship coaching program by clicking the link below.

Female Power Archetypes Book

Female Power Archetypes book cover

Unconscious patterns and stories influence your relationship behavior. By learning your dominant power archetype, you can uncover the source of conflict in your relationships and become more confident, balanced, and happy.

If so, it's time to uncover the hidden internal influences at play in your life and relationships.

single powerful tool

That may sound like a tall order, but what if I told you that all of the challenges above share a common link?

What if I also told you that taking one step could improve every single relationship in your life—not only your romantic relationships, but your relationships with your family, your colleagues, and yourself?

It’s true.

Unfortunately, there is no formula, assessment, quiz, test, astrology chart, card reading, or other predictive devices out there that that can tell you who is right for you or how to have healthy relationships.

However, there is a single powerful tool that you can use in your life to create stronger, more fulfilling, and more authentic relationships.

Despite popular belief, no relationships are automatically doomed. And in spite of appearances, no relationships (especially romantic relationships) are completely drama-free. Is fear dictating your relationship?

Yes, some couples (and singles) have had the support of a relationship coach.

If some (or many) of your relationships are struggling, or if you’re single because you’ve encountered one problem after another in your relationships (or perhaps the same problem keeps surfacing with different people), there is something you can do about it:

Know Your Dominant Power Archetype.

We all have unconscious patterns, stories, myths, and programs that we believe about ourselves and others, and these beliefs shape our behavior and how we function in our relationships.

We go about our days repeating the same behaviors, day in and day out. Typically we’re not even aware of how our thoughts work to shape what we do, and how they impact our relationships.

As a result, we create masks to hide our true selves, and instead of being open and authentic, we relate to one another from our stories, myths, and wounds.

To recognize and change these behaviors, you need to know how power archetypes are at work in your life. 

Power archetypes aren’t bad, they’re just patterns of behavior. Understanding your patterns gives you the option of not using your “power patterns for good,” to become a richer, happier version of your true self.

Understanding Your Dominant Power Archetype, 

along with how the different archetypes interact, will help you:

what type of single are you? blog 3 tools to stop seeking approval

Understand and appreciate yourself more (including why you do what you do)

Couples what type of single are you? how to be true partners for life

Discover who you're attracted to and why

couples authentic relationship how to be true partners for life

See past people's masks to the power patterns at play in their words and actions

couples argument free e-book what is your communication style

Stop repeating detrimental patterns in your relationships

about couples

Establish a more loving and intimate connection with your partner

 families and children

Breathe new life into your ongoing relationships

damsel in distress

Resolve your fear and anxiety over not meeting society's expectations

premarital couples stop being a victim

Stop blaming others or acting the part of a victim

Female Power Archetypes Front Cover

Female Power Archetypes

Whether you realize it or not, there’s a story that governs your relationships. There are unconscious patterns, stories, and programs that shape your behavior in our relationships. To recognize and change these behaviors you need to know how power archetypes are at work in your relationships.

You have a dominant power archetype that determines how you react in times of need, and being overwhelmed, stressed, and afraid. By learning your dominant power archetype you can uncover the heart of the conflict in your relationships and move into a place of confidence, balance, and happiness.

Available now on Amazon. Check it out by clicking the button below.

About Me


Relationship Coach, Dating Coach, teacher, and Author

Sharon Craig

I've spent twenty years working with people in their relationships, both privately as a relationship coach, and as a social worker. You can find out about me here. Or you can jump in and discover your dominant power archetype by taking this quiz.

Here's what some of the people who've worked with me as their relationship coach are saying...

I came to Sharon with a block that I thought I had overcome.

I consider myself a tough and evolved woman, spiritually and business wise, but when a highly volatile situation came up for me, I started to have panic attacks about an overdue decision I needed to make. 

Sharon asked questions and got to the heart of what was blocking me from moving forward; I found my truth and clarity.

I was really confused about what my truth was and Sharon helped me to figure myself out and why I wanted to pass out every time I had to make this very hard decision. 

Since working with Sharon on my blocks that were preventing me from enjoying life, and taking steps that were needed, I now have a lightness and clarity about my decisions and my previous long-term relationship, which was causing me guilt, is finally ‘a thing of the past’.

Sharon doesn’t just coach…

she understands what is going on with your soul. Not many relationship coaches have this instinct.

Sharon is the best and I feel I have also made a life-long friend who GENUINELY cares.

To have Sharon come into your life is a special experience.”

Ann Munroe 

Owner of Manifest Marketing and mother of two young sons - Canada

I feel very fortunate to have crossed paths with Sharon. Prior to contacting Sharon my relationship with my partner on 27 years was not nice. I was unhappy and so was he. We were both treating each other in a disrespectful manner, I thought we may have to end it, but I didn't want to and knew that we were capable of treating each other kindly.

However by committing to Sharon's coaching course she was able to guide us and ask the questions that rekindled what we had. My only regret was that we should of done this course years ago.

So many of us invest in everything else, possessions etc but we don't invest in our well being. For me happiness is built from firstly the relationship I have with myself and secondly the relationships I have with others, especially my partner. Sharon's coaching course is something that you would never regret doing. 

If you are struggling with the relationship you have with yourself, husband, partner, child or friend this course will be life changing. If you want to wake up every day feeling the best you possibly can then I strongly recommend you contact Sharon and have a chat. Invest in your well being, it will be the best money you have ever spent.

Sharon was totally invested in helping us work out the best scenario for us going forward. Sharon is extremely professional in her approach and also very passionate about what she does. She goes over and above . 

Thank you Sharon, forever grateful."

Amanda and Paul
New Zealand

Sharon is one of the best relationship expert that i've ever met, with huge knowledge and open heart. Our coaching always moved me forward to my goals and each Skype call left me with the feeling that i just had one of the most important conversation.

Thank you for all your support."

Ania Osiecka  

Services Available

Relationship LASER Coaching

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2 hours of LASER coaching to answer your questions so you can identify and remove blocks in your relationship/s. If you book a relationship coaching program with me, the cost of this session will be deducted from the price of the coaching program. Select "Service" on the form below and click "Continue" to book! Available Worldwide via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, and Free Conference Call.

Conscious Dating Singles - Set yourself up for success!

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An intensive 12-week Conscious Dating Program for singles where you will be supported so you will be absolutely clear about who you are, what you want, release negative dating patterns, and know exactly how to get it. Select "Service" on the form below and click "Continue" to book! Available Worldwide via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, and Free Conference Call.

Successful Singles - Live your full potential!

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Do you want to realize your full potential now, or do you want to wait for that "one day," which never arrives? Experience my 12-week intensive Successful Singles Program to transform your life! Select "Service" on the form below and click "Continue" to book! Available Worldwide via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, and Free Conference Call.

Perfect Couple - The key to a successful and loving relationship

perfect couple romance

A 12-week intensive program for Couples. You will overcome negative patterns and have the "perfect" relationship. Do you want more for you and your relationship? Select "Service" on the form below and click "Continue" to book! Available Worldwide via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, and Free Conference Call.

Happy Family - You can have it all

families and children coaching

Are you struggling to balance your role as a parent with your needs as an individual or as a spouse/partner? You can have a happy family, be a loving parent, and have an intimate relationship; you can have both! Select "Service" on the form below and click "Continue" to book! Available Worldwide via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, and Free Conference Call.

Coworker - Find the balance

young people on computer

You can have productive, balanced, and harmonious relationships at work and have a lifestyle! Select "Service" on the form below and click "Continue" to book! Available Worldwide via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, and Free Conference Call.

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