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The Female Power Archetypes Book is Your Key to Stronger, More Fulfilling Relationships.

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What if one piece of information could improve every relationship in your life—not only your romantic relationships, but your relationships with your family, your colleagues, and yourself?

Do you wonder why some people seem to have loving, fulfilling relationships and you don’t? Maybe you tend to put aside your needs to make others happy. Or you can’t find people who measure up to your standards. Perhaps you worry that no one will ever truly see and love you for who you are. Most of us have unconscious patterns and stories we believe about ourselves and others, and these beliefs shape our behavior in our relationships. To recognize and change these patterns, you need to know how power archetypes are at work in your life.


  • See the power patterns at play in people’s words and actions
  • Understand what “types” you’re attracted to and why
  • Breathe new life into stale relationships
  • Stop repeating detrimental patterns
  • Feel more secure and empowered in all of your relationships


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  • Do you wonder why some people seem to have loving, fulfilling relationships and you don't?
  • Do you end up in the same relationships (with the same problems) over and over again?
  • Are you tired of power struggles and conflict in your relationship?
  • Are you just not sure what isn't working in your relationship?
  • Do you tend to put aside your needs to make others happy?
  • Do you want to understand the dynamics in your relationship and why you have ongoing differences with your partner?
  • Do you worry that you'll never "get it right"—that you'll never figure out how to make others see you for who you are and love you for it?

Despite popular belief, no relationships are automatically doomed. And despite of appearances, no relationships (especially romantic relationships) are completely drama-free.

If some (or many) of your relationships are struggling, or if you're single because you've encountered one problem after another in your relationships (or perhaps the same problem keeps surfacing with different people), there is something you can do about it:

Know Your Power Archetype! 

In the Female Power Archetype book, you will discover:

Your Unconscious Beliefs

Understand the patterns, stories, myths, and programs that you believe about yourself and how it shapes your relationships.

The Masks You Wear and Hide Behind

You will know how to relate with others authentically rather than hide behind masks that you created to "protect" yourself.

Who Your'e Attracted To

There's a reason why you're attracted to certain personalities. You will find out why! 

How to Feel More Secure in Yourself and Relationships

Resolve your fear and anxiety over not meeting society's expectations in relationships, and breathe new life into your ongoing relationships!

How to Have a More Loving Relationship

You'll stop competing for power in your relationships.

How to Make More Empowered Choices

Know how to stop repeating detrimental patterns in your relationships.

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What people are saying...

Great advice

Great advice. Spot on for understanding relationships.

Kindle Customer

Excellent read. Highly recommended

This is a most interesting read and very well constructed. It gives you a good insight into your person by completing questionnaires to discover which dominant power archetype you are and the type you are most drawn to in a relationship. It is really helpful and thought provoking. Excellent read and highly recommended. I am genuine reviewer and found the authors book by chance on a writing website.


A must read!!!!!

Just started and can't put it down!


Informative and draws you in

everything you need to know is in the subtitle: Key to creating stronger, more fulfilling relationships. (and it's true) The most interesting thing to me is the combinations of different personality types in relationships, and how they interact. They really got me thinking about past relationships (the good, bad, and mistakes made), and, i'm sure, will lead to early recognition and positive decision making in my future relationships. Thank you to the author.

Amazon Customer

In Craig's book we are introduced to a legend of 10 personalities, each an attempt to map a particular set of behavioral patterns in adults. The evidence for these patterns are found in the author's personal life, through her struggles naturally, but also as a seasoned professional in relationships, as well as research. After all, what should twenty years in the field of Social Work lead to, if not wisdom? Luck for readers, in these 156 pages and 84 footnotes we find wisdom paired with the power of articulation. More on the power of articulation, later.

For now, in review, it would be helpful to note for the reader a little of what to expect. I for one am guilty of mistaking this book's purpose. I picked it up because I thought it would help me write better characters! Seriously, I am a fiction writer, but apparently a terrible reader, for I completely missed the obvious subtitle. So around the page where the author transitioned from a candid analysis of her personal experience as a Heroine archetype to the overview of the book, my eyes widened. Ultimately, it is a book about understanding real people, not characters.

Nevertheless, I was not disappointed to discover this book's intention, for it was so well communicated, as I read on. In a nutshell, the author finds there are 5 archetypes for male and 5 for female, that is a 5 sets of behavioral patterns per sex, with a respective equal in the opposite: to ten total. What's neat is the author gives each pattern (which is normally a subconscious, not-chosen response to a threat) a catchy label, making it easy to remember them.

For example, the author's we already mentioned is the Heroine, or the one who must sacrifice herself for the partner. It can be very heroic indeed to set aside your petty wants in order to maintain the relationship, as we discover. But as anyone who's survived a one-way relationship will point out, this is a short-term solution. After all, how many times will you die and somehow come back to life, before you forget why you are in a relationship in the first place? Coincidentally, paired with the Heroine, is the Knight. I remember, and will always remember this male archetype, because I consider myself one, wherein my sacrifices are of high value and importance, without which my relationships would not last. At least I see it that way, because I need to be needed -- to borrow the author's phrase -- or else my relationships won't work, will get boring, I'll "die" and reincarnate in another relationship far away. It's happened before.

Anyway, what I'm trying to paint in these short paragraphs is the power of this kind of non-fiction -- to keep your eyes tracing the lines, while your brain connects it to your personal life. Reading, I had thought after thought after thought. "Of course!" I kept telling myself, reminded of one ex or another, "that was her, and that was her, and that was her. . ." showing me just how past relationships were doomed -- thank God -- while at the same time reassuring me that the marriage I am in now is based on healthier, secure, conscious, decision-based directives.

One downside to this book (I'm sorry! I really wanted to five-star this because it was very fun and useful to read) was the focus. There are a couple of quizzes, checklists, and self-assessments (which I happen to be a sucker for, and tried to complete) but aside from the attachment (secure), the quizzes was all tailored to women. Even the advice was mostly for women. And so, what did I do? I just filled out the questionnaires in place of my wife! HAH! For on the one hand, thank you for giving me some time to reflect on what my wife's answers "might have been," because it gave me insight into how I view her, not to mention how I think she views me. (Apparently she's half-nag, half-heroine, a wonderful combination, which makes sense giving the escalation of anxiety, no?) But on the other hand, dear readers, I felt like half of the story was missing. How about some words on how Knight men can slip into Clingy men, in the presence of an Ice Queen? (Me.) Or how a Tin man might come out of his shell in the presence of a boss? (A friend this book reminded me of.)

Look, if these Terms confuse you, what you have to do is simple: just buy the book and read it.

But as a forewarning to readers, you will reach the end and feel there must be a sequel, Male Power Archetypes, where Craig maps out the various combinations of male-to-female . . . or better yet, there must be a third book which will combine them both, and include more stories of transformation, death and rebirth, from her personal life.

Ivan Brave

Helpful information in Understanding Others

I received a copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review. I've always been drawn to books about personality and discovering ways of understanding people and myself better. Female Power Archetypes gives interesting and useful information for each archetype and explaining why we behave the way we do. As a writer this information also helps me to make characters feel more real to my readers. I appreciate the work in this book and believe it will help me to identify how to react to others in difficult situations. Highly recommended if you like books about understanding personality and behaviors.


Whether you realize it or not, there’s a story that governs your relationship. Most of us have unconscious patterns, stories, myths, and programs that we believe about ourselves and others, and these beliefs shape our behavior and how we function in our relationships. We go about our days repeating the same behaviors, day in and day out. More often than not, we’re not even aware of how our thoughts work to shape what we do. Unless you’ve made the effort to stop and examine the patterns and stories at play in your relationships, you’re probably engaging in the same old behaviors time and again. To recognize and change these behaviors you need to know how power archetypes are at work in your relationships.

You have a dominant power archetype, as does your partner. That archetype determines how you react in times of need, and being overwhelmed, stressed, and afraid. Your power archetype has both balanced and shadow aspects. As a child, (for whatever reason) you believed your caregiver did not accept or approve of a part of your personality. Intuitively, you split and separated yourself from the personality traits you believed were bad. You were ashamed to have those traits as part of your identity. Those unaccepted traits became your shadow, or denied self.

Identifying and understanding your archetype will help you see the stories at play in your relationship, along with how you and your partner interact with those stories. It will also help you uncover your shadow aspects and see how they influence your relationships when you feel you are losing power. Knowing and understanding power archetypes will help you stop struggling to take power from others and realize that you can instead gain power—and have healthier relationships—by making conscious choices. By learning your dominant power archetype you can uncover the heart of the conflict in your relationships and move into a place of confidence, balance, and happiness.

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By absorbing and practicing the lessons in this book you will:

• Be encouraged to take full responsibility for your behavior, thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions

• Be supported in digging deeper and understanding what is really going on when you compete for power with your partner

• Understand what inside you is driving your external reactions

• Understand the power dynamics happening between you and your partner and why these competitions for power occur

• Move from unconscious to conscious behavior when you are triggered in your relationship

• Make conscious choices, and transform your reactions to responses

• Reduce power struggles and conflict in your relationship

• Strengthen a loving bond between you and your partner

• Understand what you need from your partner to feel safe and secure in your relationship

• Find yourself able to communicate your needs effectively and appropriately

• Promote listening and understanding between you and your partner

• Encourage growth and compassion in your relationship

• Feel supported in opening your heart to your partner, and feeling and connecting with your partner

• Feel supported in making conscious choices to move towards solutions and an interdependent relationship

• Learn how to shed light on the shadow aspects of your power archetypes

• Transcend the dominant shadow power archetype and access the positive attributes of the archetype to your advantage 

  • Move from fear to love in your self, your life, and in your relationship.

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“Life is made of moments; how deep those moments are depends on the quality of your relationships.”

Sharon Craig is a Professional Dating and Relationship Coach with more than 20 years’ of experience helping people work toward better, more fulfilling relationships. She was born in the UK and has lived and worked in four different countries. She works with a variety of clients, including singles, couples, parents, single parents and stepparents, families and stepfamilies, teens, children, people in relationships where there is domestic violence, teen parents, and people who experience conflict in the workplace.

In 1999, Sharon qualified as a social worker in the UK. A graduate of the Advanced Couples and Singles Coaching programs through Relationship Coaching Institute (RCI), she has been awarded a Diploma in Professional Coaching (NZQA), and certified as a HeartMath® Coach.

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