The Male Power Archetypes


(second in the series)

is unfolding—watch this space for release date!

The Male Power Archetypes is Your Key to Understanding Your Relationships.

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Despite popular belief, no relationships are automatically doomed. And despite of appearances, no relationships (especially romantic relationships) are completely drama-free.

If some (or many) of your relationships are struggling, or if you're single because you've encountered one problem after another in your relationships (or perhaps the same problem keeps surfacing with different people), there is something you can do about it:

Know Your Power Archetype!

In the Male Power Archetype book, you will discover:

Your Unconscious Beliefs

Understand the patterns, stories, myths, and programs that you believe about yourself and how it shapes your relationships.

The Masks You Wear and Hide Behind

You will know how to relate with others authentically rather than hide behind masks that you created to "protect" yourself.

Who Your'e Attracted To

There's a reason why you're attracted to certain personalities. You will find out why! 

How to Feel More Secure in Yourself and Relationships

Resolve your fear and anxiety over not meeting society's expectations in relationships, and breathe new life into your ongoing relationships!

How to Have a More Loving Relationship

You'll stop competing for power in your relationships.

How to Make More Empowered Choices

Know how to stop repeating detrimental patterns in your relationships.

The second book in the series, "Male Power Archetypes" is unfolding—watch this space for release date! 

The third book in the series will be, "Power Archetypes for Couples."

“Life is made of moments; how deep those moments are depends on the quality of your relationships.”

Sharon Craig is a Professional Dating and Relationship Coach with more than 20 years’ of experience helping people work toward better, more fulfilling relationships. She was born in the UK and has lived and worked in four different countries. She works with a variety of clients, including singles, couples, parents, single parents and stepparents, families and stepfamilies, teens, children, people in relationships where there is domestic violence, teen parents, and people who experience conflict in the workplace.

In 1999, Sharon qualified as a social worker in the UK. A graduate of the Advanced Couples and Singles Coaching programs through Relationship Coaching Institute (RCI), she has been awarded a Diploma in Professional Coaching (NZQA), and certified as a HeartMath® Coach.

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