Have Fulfilling, Successful, and Authentic Relationships

Despite popular belief, no relationships are automatically doomed. And in spite of appearances, no relationships (especially romantic relationships) are completely drama-free. Most of us have unconscious patterns, stories, myths, and programs that we believe about ourselves and others, and these beliefs shape our behavior and how we function in our relationships.

reduce stress increase positive relationships

Reduce Stress Increase Positive Relationships

Decrease stress increase positive relationships by taking charge of how you breath.

How does taking charge of how you breathe increase positive relationships?...

uncover hidden internal influences in your relationships

Uncover the Hidden Internal Influences at Play in Your Life and Relationships

When it comes to relationships and compatibility, there is no formula, assessment, quiz, test, astrology chart, card reading, or other predictive devices out there that can tell you exactly who is, and who is not right for you or how to have healthy relationships...

transform from fear to love

How to Transition from Fear to Love 

​Wouldn't it be great to be in an intimate and loving relationship where you experience no fear?

When you are in "fear" you feel "unsafe," disconnected, and need to gain power. You use a power archetypal pattern to manipulate and control others and your partner. ..

blog stop seeking approval

3 Tools to Stop Seeking Approval

Are you fed up of living in someone else's shadow, for example, a partner, sibling or parent etc.? 

From an early age, we have learned to change our behavior to 'seek the...

vulnerability increases intimacy in a relationship

Vulnerability Increases Intimacy In a Relationship

On a physical level, sex can increase the connection and intimacy between you and your partner, however, emotional intimacy with your partner increases the likelihood of...

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