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Why take the relationship readiness quiz?

What people want and what they're ready for are two different things. You may "want" to be in a full-time relationship, but are you ready to receive love?
For example, you may want to find the love of your life and move on to your next relationship to feel good, but you are still carrying hurts from a previous relationship, which may prevent you from having the relationship you want when you meet another person.
Potentially, you could sabotage a great relationship without even knowing it because you're not ready but think you are; there are some areas in your life that needs work. 
Knowing your readiness for a new relationship will determine your dating strategy and screening potential partners.

Maybe you have legal issues and family relationships to organize following a recent separation such as your children with an ex-partner. You'll need to prioritize and schedule commitments. If this is your situation, you will not ready for a committed and life partner, your dating strategy will be recreational. At this time, recreational dating is what your lifestyle and situation will allow. 

On the other hand, you will not want to use recreational dating strategies if you're ready for a life partner. You will want to use effective dating strategies!

Why not complete the free relationship readiness quiz to assess your readiness for a committed relationship and gain insights into your dating strategy?

You may want to make a note of the areas covered in the quiz that you think might interfere with your success of a fulfilling relationship. For instance, you may realize you do not know all of your nonnegotiable requirements, and this area needs our attention. When you have your written list of requirements (and sticking to it), you're conscious dating! 

Find out today so you don't subconsciously sabotage a potentially loving relationship with your ideal partner! 

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