You can have productive, balanced, and harmonious relationships at work!

  •   Do you find yourself consistently caught up in gossip or power struggles at work, and you're not sure why?
  •   Do you often have contentious relationships with your co-workers?
  •   Do you tend to get bossed around (regardless of your position in the organization)?
  •   Do others find you difficult to work with?
  •   Do you have trouble standing up for yourself or your ideas, especially when there's friction or you get push-back?

As with romantic, friend, and family relationships, your relationships with a coworker is heavily influenced by your power archetype. That's why we often find ourselves in similar situations with different people—we tend to resort to the same patterns of behaviors when we feel that we are losing power in a situation. (And your colleagues do the same.)

When you discover your dominant power archetype, you can take the first step towards positively using your patterns and experiences, to create more balanced and fulfilling relationship with your coworker, employer, or employee.

What is your dominant power archetype?

Are you The Heroine? The Damsel in Distress? The Boss? The Ice Queen? Or are you The Needy Nag?

Are you The Knight? The Victim? The Sergeant Major? The Tin Man? Or are you The Clingy Guy?


To find out, take the quiz, which takes approximately 3 minutes to complete

  •   Do you work in a stressful environment that causes you to become anxious and overwhelmed?
  •   Do you experience difficulties sleeping?
  •    Are you experiencing conflict and difficulties in your relationships due to stress?
  •    Are you experiencing hyper-arousal and difficulties to think clearly? 
  •    Is your capacity to cope lowered? 
  •   Is stress is impacting on your physical and emotional well-being?

I support people to improve their performance in the workplace whilst reducing their levels of stress.

My approach is different because I use a scientifically proven method, and clients have access to a unique product and technology to help support them to build resilience, improve their performance, their relationships, and be the best they can be in life.

This powerful tool supports you to reduce stress and improve your relationships. 

Through our work together, you will:

  •   Be aware of your feelings.
  •   Be more confident to honestly communicate how you feel.
  •    Build strength and connection in all your relationships.
  •    Enhance non-judgmental interactions and relationships to enable solutions to emerge.
  •    Sustain balance and maintain your center during times of stress and overwhelm (manage your reactions and how you feel). 
  •   Be able to listen more deeply to support communication, understanding, and connection.
  •   Think more clearly.
  •   Reduce levels of stress and anxiety.
  •   Improve your ability to sleep, solve problems, increase your attention span, memory, and so much more!
Contact me to discuss your challenges at work. I can support you understand what's going on in  your professional relationships to help make your work experiences happier, more productive, and more rewarding.

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