Relationship Quiz for Couples:

Know your patterns in relationships and how (and why) you compete for power!

Stop arguments, power battles, and conflict in your relationship!

Discover your dominant power archetype.

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Relationship Quiz for Couples

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In your personalized relationship quiz for couples report, you will get some great information about your results...

  • Know and understand your power archetype and how it affects you in your relationships
  • Understand what "types" you're attracted to
  • See the power patterns at play in your relationships
  • How to stop conflict and know why you compete for power
  • Understand the qualities of your power archetype so you can use this to your advantage
  • Steps to support you to have the relationship you want! Know how to have a successful relationship and what's important to you
  • Discover why you experience conflict in your relationships and why you compete for power
  • Really know and really understand who is making the decisions in your relationship and why
  • Understand why you may not feel connected with your partner

What is your dominant power archetype? 

If you identify as female, are you the Heroine, Needy Nag, Boss, Damsel in Distress, or Ice Queen?



When you are in the Heroine power archetype, you see yourself as the "good" person in the relationship. You want to be needed by your partner, which makes you feel superior and valued. You have an uncanny ability to do things without being asked, and as a result your partner feels indebted and obligated to do things for you in return.

Needy Nag

power struggles in relationships

When you are in the Needy Nag power archetype, you have a sense of anxiety and worry that your partner will leave you or that he does not love you anymore. Everywhere you look, there is confirmation that your partner does not care about you. To gain a sense of power, you pursue your partner, constantly questioning, judging, and criticizing. You also test whether your partner cares for you.


boss lady

When you step into the Boss power archetype, you have to be in control. You believe you are superior and more entitled to dominate and control your partner. You tend to adopt a domineering and authoritarian position when you compete for power with your partner. You gain attention by using forceful, loud, controlling, and sometimes threatening outbursts.

Damsel in Distress

damsel in distress

When you are in the Damsel in Distress power archetype, you feel powerless, helpless, resentful, and unable to change your situation. You gain power through making your partner feel a sense of obligation to do things for you through pity and guilt. You avoid taking responsibility for doing things for yourself and rely on your partner to meet your needs. You fear not being good enough for your partner and believe he will criticize or ignore you when you do not meet his expectations.

Ice Queen

ice queen

When you are in the Ice Queen power archetype, you gain a sense of power and control in the relationship by withdrawing and closing down. You get a sense of power by calling the shots—when you will engage, or not engage with your partner, and how much information you will share. You value your freedom, and you fear you will lose your identity and your partner will consume and smother you, which is why you withdraw and become emotionally unavailable. 

If you identify as male, are you the Knight in Shining Armor, Clingy Guy, Sergeant Major, Victim, or the Tin Man?

Knight in Shining Armor

the knight in shining armor

When you are in the Knight in Shining Armor, you gain a sense of power and control through appreciation and being needed. You "need" to be "needed!" You have warmth, compassion, understanding, empathy, and are supportive. Your partner enjoys your optimism and positive outlook on life. You will charge in and "rescue" your partner, even when they don't ask for your help; your partner is now indebted to you for your support. If your partner doesn't need rescuing, you may sabotage events or situations to gain power and feel "needed."

clingy guy

When you are in the Clingy Guy power archetype, you gain a sense of power and control in the relationship through attention-seeking. You are insecure, you lack trust, highly sensitive, clingy, and critical of your partner; you need "lots" of reassurance. You are insecure and jealous, and behave anxiously in your relationships. You can be constantly in your partner's face so they have to give you attention.

Sergeant Major

sergeant major

When you are in the Sergeant Major power archetype, you gain a sense of power and control in the relationship through intimidation. Out of all the power archetypes, the Sergeant Major is the most aggressive. You are very focused, authoritative, determined, and get straight to the point. You demand order and structure in your life. The more out of control you feel internally, the more you need to control your partner and your external world. 



When you are in the Victim power archetype, you gain a sense of power and control in the relationship through manipulation and passivity. You are the most passive of the male power archetypes. You are loyal, sensitive, and insecure. You will use the "helpless" card and "blame" to control your partner and get support. You do not like conflict so you use passive tactics to compete for power. 

Tin Man

tin man

When you are in the Tin Man power archetype, you gain a sense of power and control in the relationship by withholding love, affection and information. You retreat into your tin shell to avoid intimacy and connection. You are a hardworking, dependable person who enjoys routines. You have rigid boundaries and find it difficult to make changes. You avoid feelings believing you don't have a heart.  

Power Patterns

As with all of us, there are unconscious patterns, stories, myths, and programs at work in your life.

There are things you believe about yourself and others that are (mostly) the result of early programming and experiences, and these beliefs shape your behavior and how you function in your relationships.

Is your partner compatible?

What personality "type" are you attracted to and why?

To have a successful relationship, why not get your partner to complete the couple quiz so you can understand one another on a deeper level and know why you experience conflict?


There are five female and five male power archetypes. Please note that these distinctions are not based on anatomy so much as energy; feminine energy or masculine energy.

Each power archetype has both "male" and "female" energies (you could think of them also as yin and yang energies) in differing degrees.

Most people with a female gender identity tend to identify more strongly with a particular female power archetype. The same is true for those who identify as male with a male power archetype.

People with a neutral or multiple gender identity may find themselves reflected in any of the archetypes.

But there are no rigid rules.

Take this quiz to discover and learn about your dominant power archetype.

Because this is a relationship quiz for couples, why not get your partner to take the quiz too and reveal their dominant power archetype? 

Where Gary Chapman looks at the different love languages in relationships, I look at the different styles to compete for power. The more you understand the differences between you and your partner, the more you can make things balanced.

You will gain a deeper understanding of the patterns and power dynamics in your relationship!

When you know your dominant archetype, you will have a unique way to better understand your feminine power and masculine power. You will be be able to make informed decisions so you can have a successful relationship! 

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