Uncover the Hidden Internal Influences at Play in Your Life and Relationships

"Life is made of moments; how deep those moments are depend on the quality of your relationships."—Sharon Craig

When it comes to relationships and compatibility, there is no formula, assessment, quiz, test, astrology chart, card reading, or other predictive devices out there that can tell you exactly who is, and who is not right for you or how to have healthy relationships.

And if you throw chemistry and attraction into the mix, good luck!

Having said all that, there is a single powerful tool that you can use in your life to create stronger, more fulfilling, and more authentic relationships. knowing who you are (your own temperament) and how you react when you're in fear, in times of stress, need, and overwhelm is a step towards understanding the differences between you and others, and getting over conflict quickly.

Every conflict you have is a competition for power.

Despite popular belief, no relationship is fortunate enough to be drama free and no two intimate couples are doomed (especially romantic relationships).

If some (or many) of your relationships are struggling, or if you're single because you've encountered one problem after another in your relationships (or perhaps the same problem keeps surfacing with different people), there is something you can do about it:

Learn your dominant power archetype

We all have unconscious patterns, stories, myths, and programs that we believe about ourselves and others, and these beliefs shape our behavior and how we function in our relationships.

The unconscious mind is a term coined by a psychologist, Freud, to refer to a part of the mind that cannot be known by the conscious mind; you're not literally unconscious.

We go about our days repeating the same behaviors, day in and day out. Typically we're not even aware of how our thoughts work to shape what we do, and how they impact our relationships.

Knowing your power archetype helps you to understand some of the negative and positive aspects of your behavior, how you interact in your relationships, and why you encounter difficulties.

Myers-Briggs and the Enneagram provide profiles of different personality types of people, which is different from power archetypes. These are patterns people unknowingly use to gain power so they feel safe. You are not your power archetypal patterns, it is a mask you wear, a persona you portray to elicit power. You use it as your default protection mechanism.

One thing is clear, the moment you move into one of the power archetypes, you activate the power pattern and behavior that is familiar to you. However, some people (and couples) may constantly function in the power archetype pattern, which is operating quietly in the background and is not as obvious as a "full-on" battle between two people. Just because the volume has been turned down in the power pattern and the behaviors are more subtle, it does not mean competition for power in your relationship is not operating.

Knowing the ten power archetypes will support you to understand yourself, your partner, other people in your life, and why you experience competition for power and conflict in your relationships (regardless of the relationship). There are five female and five male power archetypes. (Please note that these distinctions are not based on anatomy so much as energy).

Despite the title of some of the power archetypes, may not sound so appealing to you, no power archetype is bad; they're just patterns of behavior. No archetypal pattern is better or more superior than another.

Are you ready to see the ten power archetypes?


What is your dominant power archetype?

If you identify as female, are you: 

The Heroine?

The Damsel in Distress?

The Boss?

The Ice Queen?

Or are you the Needy Nag?

If you identify as male, are you:

The Knight? 

The Victim?

The Sergeant Major?

The Tin Man?

Or are you The Clingy Guy?

If you had a choice, I
bet you'd opt for the Heroine or The Knight, and you'd avoid the Needy Nag and Victim at all cost! The Knight and the Heroine have patterns, stories, myths, and programs that shape what you do, and how you interact in your relationships too!

To recognize and change these behaviors, you need to know how power archetypes are at play in your life.

Are you ready to take the quiz and discover your dominant power archetype?

Note that the results of the quiz will be influenced by how you feel at the time you complete it. For instance, if you just had an argument with your partner or another significant person in your life, this will impact your feelings and how you perceive the statements; if you have just had a lovely romantic dinner, your feelings will be influenced, and your perception of the statements differ.

If you find, therefore, that you do not fully agree with your results, you may opt to fill out the quiz again, at a time when you feel free from such influences.

The extent to which we inhabit an archetype is on a spectrum and sliding scale. As with all things, take from the quiz what resonates with you and discard the rest.

When you know your dominant power archetype, you can improve the quality of your relationships!

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If you're single and dating, this quiz can give you insights into the relationship compatibility of the people you're dating.

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